Hi, I’m Helena.

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a mother of two young boys currently living in Bentonville, Arkansas. I am also an avid meal-planner.  Since this seems like an appropriate time to share your skills, whatever they may be, I’ve decided to create some meal plans and menu ideas to share with anyone who needs them, free of charge. We are all in uncharted territory, but thank goodness for the internet, because at least we have each other!

To start, I’ll talk about what I’m cooking using the ingredients I’ve already got in the house. I’m trying to cook my way through our pantry, rather than visiting the grocery store to buy new things. (I’m lucky in that I got the chance to make sure our pantry was full beforehand.) If you’re like most people, you’re probably avoiding any unnecessary trips to the grocery store too. Or maybe you’re living in a place where leaving the house isn’t really an option. In either case, it’s good to know how to cook up some healthy dinners with whatever you happen to have on hand.

A few disclaimers – I am not an epidemiologist or a doctor. Anything I share here is not meant to diagnose or treat a particular condition. I am also not a specialist on the Coronavirus. I will not be providing any advice regarding it, and any reference I make to it will be gleaned from information widely available to the general public. Nothing on this website is meant to be construed as medical advice. If you have a specific question pertaining to your health or medical condition(s), please consult a qualified health practitioner, such as your personal physician.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get planning and get cooking.

Stay healthy out there,