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Road tripping in the time of Covid

After a four-day road trip at the end of May, I am living in California once again. Yes, I just moved halfway across the country in the middle of a pandemic. People who know me would not be too surprised by this. I tend to move a lot. And even though I am now quite experienced at it, there were definitely some new challenges this time around.

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Make “meatless” an opportunity, not an obstacle

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you have probably heard that Coronavirus has been impacting meat processing plants across the country. Although the effect of this on the nation’s food supply is still to be determined, it is likely that we will see some shortages of meat products in the grocery store.

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Why now is the perfect time to start a meal planning habit

There are lots of resources out there for finding pre-made meal plans, ranging from websites to subscription services to cookbooks. However, we are living in strange times right now, where all the ingredients we want or need may not be available or even accessible. Being able to create a meal plan by ourselves – that is a really useful skill to have.

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